September 1, 2011

out of the rut

so i've been a little absent.

unwell, travelling, learning lines & flat out with a few projects i have on the go.
but hey, i'm not complaining.

during that time i've happily got my mitts on some new vintage acquisitions
which i am still yet to photograph.
as soon i do i will definitely be sure to post my delicious finds with you all. 

still lusting over

cotton candy pink hair, friendship bands, orange & magenta, big soft knits, 
neon...everything, braids, my suede cowboy ankle boots, chartruese,
drinking drambruie on ice, bon iver, bright red, september issue

today is the first day of spring and i couldn’t be more excited. eeeee!

i am not a winter person.
at. all.

here comes the sun lovers!

enjoy the first day of spring xxx

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