June 22, 2011

mi sueño

so for those of you who dont know me. i am an actress from adelaide, australia. i am 25, i have been married to the man of my dreams for just over a year now & i love all things design, music & art based. to pay the bills between acting assignments, i work in an architectural & interior design firm whilst my husband & i continue to save our butts off. in the coming year we are moving to NYC, so i may further my study & matt can push his music. matt is a session drummer as well as a bdm for groupon here in adelaide. so all going to plan, (fingers crossed) he will be able to get a transfer to the NYC office in the coming year. that said, just in case that doesnt eventuate we are saving, saving, saving!

i plan to study meisner with william esper at his studios in midtown. one of my lecturers here in adelaide studied with him & she briefly introduced me to the technique some two years back. i instantly had a "lightbulb" moment & ever since that class i went out & bought william's book & have been reading it over and over. there are indeed places i could study this technique here in australia, but william was sandford meisner's key student for 15 years & so he teaches a completely undiluted version of the technique. 

i. cant. wait. to. meet. him.

sneaker pimps

No.6 - isabel marant
built in wedge, gorgeous soft stone colour, massive badass tongue

yep...i'm in love

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June 10, 2011

match made in heaven

charlotte free for pamela love a/w 2011

match made in heaven

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inside the haus of sophia amoruso, nasty gal

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nuevas fotos

some shots my dear friend beccy took of me last week.

 lazy wednesday night + a decent camera = new headshots


diggin on these smart bags from spanish leather goods and women's accessories label malababa.

Malababa started in 97 when pharmacy graduate Ana Carrasco realized she was more drawn to fashion than apothecary. She created a solid following in Madrid, then in the rest of Spain, and moved on to other markets in 2003. Malababa is now sold in more than 300 stores in Mexico, Argentina, USA, Japan, Kuwait, China and several European countries.

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