May 31, 2011

dress the part

moxy creative house have redesigned 10 classic movie posters
i especially love superman, fear & loathing las vegas & dumb & dumber.

like one? buy it here

my angel

  my bestie beccy is what dreams are made of.
i dont know what i'll do without her when i move to NYC.

"michelle" by gen kay

adoring the work of australian film maker - gen kay


courtesy of: sass & bide, yellowtrace

May 27, 2011

afterlife (a requiem)

i know that i have posted this before on facebook, but i just love it so.

such a stunning piece of work

i would be so keen to work on a project like this

May 26, 2011

nasir mazhar

totally diggin on these limited edition hair combs
from nasir mazhar for top shop

get your mits on one here

garb crush - facehunter

courtesy of: facehunter

seven henrietta street, a film by kinga burza for kate spade new york

i just love everything about this clip. the adorable track by soko, the afternoon dreamy filters, the preppy style & cotton candy pantones of kate spade new york & the stylist's colab with the interiors & wardrobe team.

what a perfect, sweet little clip.

fellow film maker buddies, im feeling inspired. wanna make some shorts?

May 20, 2011


possibly one of the most stunning pieces of music ever written

wedge of orange

i am lusting over these electric orange wedges from haute & rebellious.
just picturing them with all black layers or electric blue.


get them here

romancing the stone

source - fade to black/younghunting

May 19, 2011

aim & shoot

beautifully shot video of iconic blogger – scott schumann, aka the satorialist

numero uno

welcome to the very first instalment of Mus(eum)
i have been ridiculously procrastinating for weeks, lamenting over what exactly my first post would be. what would i write for the first one? do i have to introduce myself or is that too wanky? should i do a mood board of what i like? perhaps i should put this whole thing on hold until i purchase a decent camera? urrgh! being the overly anal perfectionist that i am, this was beginning to irritate me deeply.
i realised that i was being a complete moron and over thinking it.
so without further adieu & procrastination,

Mus(eum)...i hope you like it.

_i love.
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the list goes on but you’ll find that out soon enough.