May 19, 2011

numero uno

welcome to the very first instalment of Mus(eum)
i have been ridiculously procrastinating for weeks, lamenting over what exactly my first post would be. what would i write for the first one? do i have to introduce myself or is that too wanky? should i do a mood board of what i like? perhaps i should put this whole thing on hold until i purchase a decent camera? urrgh! being the overly anal perfectionist that i am, this was beginning to irritate me deeply.
i realised that i was being a complete moron and over thinking it.
so without further adieu & procrastination,

Mus(eum)...i hope you like it.

_i love.
theatre, mexican candy skulls, ripped denim, silver jewellery, feathers, crystals, thick wedges, the law of attraction, heels high, love letters, studs, prada, kohl eyes, gritty pretty, equine, geometry, illustration of the virgin mary, bloody mary’s, knuckle dusters, sass and bide, ipad, henna, my brother ryan, electro, headpieces, chartreuse, diamonds, black and white, vegetarianism, rock, drama class, vanilla, harness, white linen, twitter, bold lips, my husband’s smile, NYC, my husband’s t-shirts, night swimming, tie-dye, my bicycle, espanol, close friendships, tree houses, embroidery, the olsen twins, classic stationery, black sunglasses, fresh juices, leather, my transparent opticals, naked, typography, scented candles, ohne title, french champagne, contrast, glitter, chanel, cold watermelon, investing, millinery, photography, warmth, quality tattoo artistry, dream catchers, faux fur, shiny hair, happy tears, khaki, jeffery campbell shoes, leopard print, crochet, reiki, luxe face creams, asos, iphone, ballet, hippies, white canvas, mexico, my angel beccy’s hummus, soft sand, black nails, nude nails, red roses, burlesque, brunch, trashed boots, akubra hats, aromatherapy, white teeth, magazines, orange, loose hair, good manners, high expectations, love, lust, stargazing, realism, interior design, acne shoes, soft fabric, balenciaga.
the list goes on but you’ll find that out soon enough.

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