June 22, 2011

mi sueño

so for those of you who dont know me. i am an actress from adelaide, australia. i am 25, i have been married to the man of my dreams for just over a year now & i love all things design, music & art based. to pay the bills between acting assignments, i work in an architectural & interior design firm whilst my husband & i continue to save our butts off. in the coming year we are moving to NYC, so i may further my study & matt can push his music. matt is a session drummer as well as a bdm for groupon here in adelaide. so all going to plan, (fingers crossed) he will be able to get a transfer to the NYC office in the coming year. that said, just in case that doesnt eventuate we are saving, saving, saving!

i plan to study meisner with william esper at his studios in midtown. one of my lecturers here in adelaide studied with him & she briefly introduced me to the technique some two years back. i instantly had a "lightbulb" moment & ever since that class i went out & bought william's book & have been reading it over and over. there are indeed places i could study this technique here in australia, but william was sandford meisner's key student for 15 years & so he teaches a completely undiluted version of the technique. 

i. cant. wait. to. meet. him.

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