August 2, 2011

guanajuato dreamin'

 i re-aaaally want a pair of these for summer.

the photographs in the middle are of my most favourite place in the world.
guanajuato, mexico

my husband matty & i travelled there to visit his mum in 2007. 
she was living there, teaching english & perfecting her espanol at the time...bliss

it sounds clique, but that trip truly did something to me.
mexico was not at all what i had expected it to be. i was so very was naive in thinking that it would just be exactly like the movies portray it to be. 
it definitely wasn’t. it truly exceeded my expectations.

the culture, colour, music, food,
the community environment & all the beautiful lifelong friends we made

it all blew me away and i would be back there in a heartbeat. 

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